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Anonymous French manuscript about the microscope

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS A23
Overview This collection consists of a single volume, the bulk of which contains instructions for the manufacture of microscopes and their lenses, barrels, etc., as well as for the caring of them. The volume also contains a second, reversed set of pages, the bulk of which are blank but which contain a recipe for making a cordial and an ink sketch and painted coat of arms.
Dates: approximately 1690

Charle V. Empere

Call Number: MS D32
Overview This collection consists of 2 volumes, a 16th century original and 19th century manuscript transcription, of a history of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emporer (1500-1558). "Petit discours auquel est contenu a la Verite Lamberquement & departie de Lempereur Charles dtaustriche. Ve du nom partant de ses pais pas pour aller en Espaigne auecques les deux Roynes douairieres ses soeurs. Le tout redige deslors par un nomme la Roche estant avec monsieur de Bassefontaine ambassadeur du Roy aupres...
Dates: 1556

Claude de Guénégaud collection

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS D108
Overview Documents concerning Claude de Guénégaud's defense against an accusation of having falsified and suppressed the Rolls of 1654 and 1657 in France. Bound collection of 1 manuscript and 9 pamphlets, some with manuscript annotations.
Dates: after 1663

Claude Petiet letter

 Collection — Folder: 1
Call Number: MS P249
Overview This collection consists of a single letter written by an amanuenses for Claude Petiet, the French Minister of War, regarding backpay for the gendarmes. Written on both sides of a single sheet, the letterhead states "Liberte Egalite" with a motif in the middle for the French Republic.
Dates: 3 Floreal V [April 22, 1797]

Dedicatory verses by François Meglat

 Collection — Folder: 1
Call Number: MS P212
Overview One sheet (two pages) of manuscript dedicatory verses found in Spencer Research Library's copy of Claude Le Brun de La Rochette's Le Process Civil; Divise en Trois Livre, published 1607 and located at call number Summerfield C1069. "Vers en 1636" written on verso of the second page.
Dates: 17th Century [1636?]

Finance de l'Angleterre collection

Call Number: MS Q13
Overview Collection of economic and historical essays and statistical charts, written in French, mostly regarding England, written in various and anonymous hands. Fair copies or final drafts (including at least one translation) describing England as a commercial nation: its natural resources, demography, commerce, politics, public finance, etc., often comparing the country with France. Theory of relationship between commerce and government. Some political gossip. Other topics include Swedish and...
Dates: Dates composed: 1751-1754; also 1693-1694, 1736, 1740-1750; dates covered: 1077-1377, 1483-1509, 1689-1754, 1746-1754

Frank Kersnowski papers

Call Number: MS 340
Overview This collection includes correspondence and recordings of interviews with Irish writers, and additional paper materials related to interviews with the writers. The materials were compiled by Dr. Frank Kernsnowski, an English Professor and Irish studies scholar who earned his doctorate at the University of Kansas, and retired from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. Also included are enclosures removed from Kersnowski's book collection of Irish literature.
Dates: 1965 - 2003

French fortifications

 Collection — Box: 1
Call Number: MS J3
Overview 36 plans of late 17th century fortifications, primarily in the region between France and Belgium.
Dates: 1667 - 1686

French Treaty of Alliance with Spain and Valais

 Collection — Folder: 1
Call Number: MS P119
Overview Copy of a treaty between France and Spain and Valais during the reign of Louis XIV, possibly copied in 1730. "Renouuellement d'alliance entre le Roi tres Chretien de France et de Nauarre d’une part et les louables Cantons Catholiques de la Suisse et la louable Republique de Valais de l'autre fait a Soleure le 9 mai 1715."
Dates: 1730?

Gas. Ferquet letter

 Collection — Folder: 1
Call Number: MS P681
Overview Gas. Ferquet writes during the Crimean War to an unknown recipient ("Madame") about his appreciation of the camaraderie of the war and the appointment of Ernest Louis Octave Courtot de Cissey (1810-1882) to General of the Brigade.
Dates: April 16, [1855?]

Généalogie de la maison de Turgot

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS C313
Overview Created in 1775 by Denis François Gastelier de la Tour, this apparently unpublished genealogy traces the Turgot family, prominent in 18th-century France, back to the 15th century. The full title reads: "Généalogie de la maison de Turgot faite en Juin 1775, par le S[ieu]r Gastelier de la Tour auteur de l’Armorial des Etats de Languedoc et de plusieurs autres ouvrages."
Dates: June 1775

[Il pastor fido.] Imitation du Berge Fidele, pastorele Italiene pour...Charlote Helene Gaiant

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS C85
Overview A 17th- or 18th-century copy of the pastoral tragicomedy, Il pastor fido, written in 1590 by the Italian poet and diplomat, Giovanni Battista Guarini (1538-1612).
Dates: 17th-18th century

James Joyce miscellany

Call Number: MS 134
Overview A collection of photostat copies compiled by James F. Spoerri of Irish-born author James Joyce letters, primarily to publisher Grant Richards; poet Ezra Pound; Irish writer James Stephens; Joyce's daughter, Lucia Joyce; Joyce's sister, Eileen Joyce Shaurek, and others. The backs of some of the photostats are annotated with a repository name. Collection also includes some newspaper clippings and reprints of prospectuses for the novel Ulysses.
Dates: 1915 - 1919

Jean François Champollion manuscript

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS P64
Overview Volume regarding alphabet of phonetic hieroglyphs, written by the French scholar and philologist who deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs in the early 1820s. Apparently a copy of a printed book. "Lettera a Dacier…relative all’alfabeto del geroglifici fonetici…da Champollion il giovane a Parigi Presso Firmino Didot…1822, prima traduzione Italiana di C. Vandoni 1824."
Dates: 1824 or later

John Armstrong collection

Call Number: MS 101
Overview Collection of primarily political and military letters and manuscripts written by Colonel John Armstrong of the British Army of the early 18th century, an engineer and expert on the Dunkirk fortifications in France.
Dates: 1704 - 1730

Journal Astronomique de ma Campagne dans L'Inde

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS C43
Overview Travel and astronomy diary of an individual (Cotignon?) who spent time in India in the late 18th century.
Dates: 1787 - 1796

Law Notes

 Collection — Folder: 1
Call Number: MS P367
Overview This collection consists of a single quire containing notes on law. Dating is from citation a citation on page [12] of "21 Ja. 15" and the reign most cited is Henry VII. The notes were made by J.P., a student or clerk? and may have been tipped into a printed book or are a fragment from a larger volume. The dates covered by the notes appear to include the 13th through 17th centuries.
Dates: after 1623

Letter from Gustave Flaubert to "Mon cher ami" [Henri-Félix Duquesnel]

Call Number: MS P741
Overview In this brief letter written from his home in Croisset, France, the writer Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), is asking playwright and theatrical producer Henri-Félix Duquesnel to respond to an earlier letter.
Dates: November 6, 1871

Letter to Madame la Comtesse de Renty

 Collection — Folder: 1
Call Number: MS P670
Overview This note was written by an amanuensis at Versailles, France, and pencilled notes indicate that it is signed by the Marquis de Castries (1727-1801) when he was Marechal de France. The letter is sent to Madame la Comtesse de Renty at the Convent de la Roquette, Faubourg, St. Antoine in Paris and is an acknowledgement of her request for payments, which are in arrears, and instructs her how and where she may receive what is due her.
Dates: March 4, 1784

Letter written by Deschamps

Call Number: MS P738
Overview This letter, signed by "Deschamps sindic" [i.e. syndic] was found in the pages of the book Mémoire à consulter, pour la communauté des habitants de la Guillotière, & mandemant de Béchevelin. It was written from La Guillotière to "Monsieur" on November 3, 1786. This covering letter accompanied the copy of the "Mémoire" and invited the recipient to participate in the deliberations of the assembly.
Dates: November 3, 1786

Lieutenant D'Orissey letter

 Collection — Folder: 1
Call Number: MS P675
Overview This collection consists of a single letter, written by a Lieutenant D'Orissey of Paris, France (the signature on the letter is somewhat illegible; other possibilities for the name are D'Onure, D'Osier, D'Oiseau). The lieutenant writes to an unknown recipient who will soon work with the general comptroller. D'Orissey requests that a long standing payment continue to be made to Monsieur Delpuh de St. Denis.
Dates: March 22, 1786

Livre des gages

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS B60
Overview This is the account book in which Alexandre, Comte de Warfusée (1618-1658), recorded wages paid to domestic servants during the years 1639-1645.
Dates: 1639 - 1645

Mathieu François Pidansat de Mairobert literary manuscript

Call Number: MS B23
Overview "Correspondence secrète et familière de M. de Maupeou Chancelier de France avec M. de Sorhouet con[seill]er du nouveau Parlement." Correspondence of Mathieu François Pidansat de Mairobert, 1727-1779, copied into a volume.
Dates: after 1774

Philosophie morale

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS A27
Overview French manuscript composed between 1643 and 1661 on moral pPhilosophy
Dates: 1643 - 1661

Physionomie du Théâtre de l'Odéon

 Collection — Volume: 1
Call Number: MS E24
Overview An llustrated satire in French against the acting and audiences at the Odéon Theater, Paris,
Dates: approximately 1842-1845?

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