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Letters, literary manuscripts, and personal papers of the Porter family

Call Number: MS 28


The Porter Family Collection consists of letters, literary manuscripts and personal papers of an English literary family from the mid-eighteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century. Two-thirds of the almost 3000 items in the collection consists of the correspondence of the siblings, Sir Robert Ker Porter (1777-1842), Jane Porter (1776-1850), Anna Maria Porter (1778-1832) as well as other members of the Porter family.


  • 1750 - 1849


Language of Materials

English, French, Russian, Persian, Serbian

Conditions Governing Access

No access restrictions.

Conditions Governing Use

Spencer Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials.

History of the Porter Family

Members of this Porter family trace their ancestry back to Sir William Porter, who fought at Agincourt and Endymion Porter (1587-1649), a courtier and patron of artists. Their maternal ancestry includes John Tweddell (1769-1799), a classical scholar. William Porter (1735-1779), a surgeon with the 6th Inniskilling dragoons, married Jane Blenkinsop (1745-1831), daughter of Robert Blenkinsop of Durham, and they had 5 children: John (1772-1810), a colonel; William Ogilvie (1774-1850), a surgeon; Jane (1776-1850), a writer; Robert Ker (1777-1842), a painter and diplomat; and Anna Maria (1778-1832), a writer. All four of the youngest siblings authored books.

In 1812, Robert Ker Porter married Princess Maria (Mary) Scherbatoff (d. 1826) and their daughter, Maria (Mary), born in 1813, married Pierre Kikine in 1837.

The following is a Porter Family Chronology abstracted from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and other sources.
William Porter (father) is born and later spends 23 years as a surgeon to the 6th Inniskilling dragoons.
Jane Blenkinsop Porter (mother) is born.
John Porter is born.
William Ogilvie Porter is born.
Jane Porter is born at Durham.
Robert Ker Porter is born at Durham.
Anna Maria Porter is born at Durham.
William Porter (father) dies and the family moves to Edinburgh seeking an inexpensive, good education for the children.
Jane and Anna Maria Porter attend George Fulton's school; Walter Scott, whose mother was acquainted with Jane Blenkinsop Porter, may have played with Jane and Anna Maria Porter; Flora MacDonald influences Robert Ker Porter's interest in painting military subjects; the family moves to London.
Benjamin West, impressed with Robert Ker Porter's artistic ability, gets him admitted to the Royal Academy School at Somerset-House; Anna Maria Porter begins writing stories which become part of Artless Tales.
Robert Ker Porter wins a prize from the Society of the Arts for The Witch of Endor drawing and paints an altarpiece for Shoreditch church and Christ Allaying the Storm for a Catholic chapel in Portsea.
Robert Ker Porter exhibits 38 pictures, mostly historical pieces and landscapes.
1793 and 1795
Anna Maria Porter publishes Artless Tales.
Jane, Robert and Anna Maria Porter work on a periodical, The Quiz, with Thomas Dibdin; Anna Maria Porter publishes Walsh Colville.
Robert Ker Porter paints St. John Preaching for St John's College, Cambridge; Anna Maria Porter publishes Octavia.
Jane Porter authors The Spirit of the Elbe; the Porter family is living at 16 Great Newport Street, Leicester Square.
Jane Porter writes "A Defence of the Profession of an Actor"; Robert Ker Porter paints Storming of Seringapatam.
Jane Porter authors The Two Princes of Persia: Addressed to Youth.
Robert Ker Porter authors An Historical Sketch of the Battle of Alexandria, and of the Campaign in Egypt : illustrative of the great picture, now exhibiting in the Lyceum, Strand, painted by Robert Ker Porter.
Jane Porter's book, Thaddeus of Warsaw, is published by Longman and Company in 4 volumes; Robert Ker Porter is appointed captain in the Westminster militia but his family dissuades him from a military career.
Jane Porter writes a "Sketch of the Campaign of Count Suwarrow Ryminski"; Robert Ker Porter is appointed court painter to Tsar Alexander I of Russia; the Porter women move to Long Ditton, Kingston and some years later to Esher, Surrey.
Anna Maria Porter's book, A Sailor's Friendship, and a Soldier's Love, is published in two volumes.
some time between 1805 and 1807
Robert Ker Porter becomes engaged to Maria, daughter of Prince Theodor Scherbatoff.
Robert Ker Porter is knighted by King Gustavus IV of Sweden.
Jane Porter edits The Aphorisms of Sir Philip Sidney. Anna Maria Porter writes The Hungarian Brothers.
Forced to leave Russia, Robert Ker Porter travels to Finland, Sweden and Germany and is made a knight of St Joachim of Wurttemberg.
Robert Ker Porter accompanies Sir John Moore to Spain and is with Moore at the Battle of Corunna; Robert Ker Porter's book, Travelling Sketches in Russia and Sweden 1805-1808, is published in 2 illustrated volumes and his Letters from Portugal and Spain, Written during the March of the Troops under Sir John Moore comes out later in the year.
Anna Maria Porter's novel, Don Sebastian, or the House of Braganza, is published.
Jane Porter publishes The Scottish Chiefs in five volumes; William Ogilvie Porter retires as a naval surgeon to be a physician in Bristol for the next 40 years; Colonel John Porter dies on the Isle of Man.
Robert Ker Porter returns to Russia at the Tsar's invitation. Anna Maria Porter writes Ballad Romances and Other Poems.
Robert Ker Porter marries Maria Scherbatoff in Russia, and subsequently interacts with Russian military and diplomatic circles.
Robert Ker Porter comes back to England, his Narrative of the Campaign in Russia during 1812 is printed, and in April 1813, he is knighted by the prince regent.
Robert Ker Porter's daughter Maria is born and he returns to Russia.
Anna Maria Porter writes The Recluse of Norway and Tales of Pity on Fishing, Shooting and Hunting.
Jane Porter's book, The Pastor's Fireside, is published in three volumes.
Anna Maria Porter's book, The Knight of St John, is published in three volumes.
Robert Ker Porter travels to Persia, Georgia, Armenia, etc., and in 1819 he receives the insignia of the order of the Lion and of the Sun from the Persian monarch, Futteh Ali Shah.
Anna Maria Porter's novel, The Fast of St. Magdalen, a romance is published in three volumes.
Jane Porter's play, Switzerland, is acted in Drury Lane for one night only.
Robert Ker Porter's notes of his travels are published in his Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, 1817-1820, in two volumes; after a brief visit to England, Robert Ker Porter returns to Russia; Anna Maria Porter's work, The Village of Mariendorpt, a Tale in Four Volumes, is published.
Jane Porter's play, Owen, Prince of Powys is acted in Drury Lane only three times; Anna Maria Porter's book, Roche Blanche, or, The Hunters of the Pyrenees, is published in three volumes.
Jane Porter's book, Duke Christian of Lüneburg, is published in three volumes.
Robert Ker Porter is appointed British Consul in Venezuela and for the next fifteen years he resides in Caracas where he also continues to draw and paint.
Jane and Anna Maria Porter collaborate on Tales Round a Winter's Hearth, a work in three volumes; Anna Maria Porter's book, Honor O'Hara, a novel, is published in 3 volumes; Maria Scherbatoff Porter dies in St Petersburg.
Jane and Anna Maria Porter collaborate on Coming Out, and, The Field of Forty Footsteps, a work in two volumes.
Anna Maria Porter's The Barony is published in three volumes.
William Ogilvie Porter writes Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck, and Consequent Discovery of Certain Islands in the Caribbean Sea: with Details of his Residence There, and of Various Extraordinary and Highly Interesting Events in his Life, from the Year 1733 to 1749, as Written in his own Diary; Jane Blenkinsop Porter dies at Esher.
Robert Ker Porter is made knight commander of the order of Hanover; Jane and Anna Maria settle in London and visit William Ogilvie Porter in Bristol; Anna Maria Porter dies in Bristol.
Jane Porter writes a preface to Young Hearts.
Maria, Robert Ker Porter's daughter, marries Pierre Kikine.
Robert Ker Porter returns to England for a brief visit with his brother, William Ogilvie Porter, in Bristol and then he travels to St Petersburg to visit his daughter, Maria Porter Kikine. Jane Porter either travels with Robert Ker Porter or meets him in St Petersburg.
Robert Ker Porter dies on the day of his return trip to England and is buried in St Petersburg.
Jane Porter sells Robert Ker Porter's books, engravings and other belongings at Christies and wraps up his estate in 1844.
Jane Porter moves to William Ogilvie Porter's home in Bristol.
Jane Porter dies in May in Bristol; William Ogilvie Porter dies in August in Bristol.
Sir Thomas Phillipps purchases some of the Porter correspondence.


11 Linear Feet (46 document cases + 7 volumes, 1 oversize box)

Scope and Contents

In this collection of almost 3,000 items written between 1750 and 1849, two-thirds are letters written either by members of the Porter family or to them. The other third of the collection consists of the Porter family members' literary manuscripts and personal papers.

Literary manuscripts include poetry, prose, dramatic dialogue, and research notes.

Personal papers include journals and diaries, notes related to family and friends, lists and notes regarding travel, financial matters and household concerns, health records including prescriptions and remedies, and recipes.

There is a large amount of unattributed material which may be useful to peruse when researching any of the Porter family members. Also, since a probable scarcity of paper led to drafts of prose and poetry and notes, etc., being written on the versos of letters and envelopes, check the notes column in the pdf reports (links below in the Collection Description) where such information is noted.

Most of the collection spans the first half of the ninteenth century. A few items are dated in the latter half of the eighteenth century

In 1852, two years after the last Porter siblings (Jane and William Ogilvie) died, Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) purchased Porter family papers for addition to his huge collection of books and manuscripts. His manuscript acquisitions were usually bound into volumes at his Middle Hill Bindery, each volume being assigned a five-digit number and each manuscript within it an item number. Most of Spencer Library's Porter Family Collection came from sales of material from the Phillipps estate and was received in Phillipps bindings. After disbinding to facilitate consultation and conservation, the Phillipps number for each item was recorded in the database listing the collection. As well as documenting this provenance, the Phillipps numbers have often been used by scholars to identify and cite the manuscripts. Preservation photographs recording the appearance of the bindings were also taken in Spencer Library and have been included in the Porter Family Collection.


Authorship has priority over recipient in the organization of this collection. The letters written by the Porter family members are separated by the family member's name and then listed chronologically within that family member's name. Letters written to Porter family members and others are listed alphabetically by the writer's last name.

The literary manuscripts and personal papers have also been separated by family member's name. The list indicates whether the family member was an author/sender or recipient. Within those divisions the literary manuscripts are listed first and personal papers second. These are then organized by document type or subject and chronologically within each document type or subject. If dates are the same, the items are listed in Phillipps number order.

There is some "as yet unattributed" material. Please notify the curator if you are able to provide information for any of these items.

The preservation photographs of the original Phillipps bindings are listed in Phillipps number order.

All the items in the collection have been listed in an Access database and have the following information (if available) for each item: Phillipps number, box and folder numbers, author/sender, place the item was sent from, recipient, place the item was sent to, date, extent, and notes. For the benefit of the researcher the following reports have been compiled from the database: physical/box number order, chronological, alphabetical by author/sender, alphabetical by recipient, and in Phillips number order. Links to pdfs of these reports are provided below in the Collection Description.

The bound volumes and oversize items are included in the database reports and placed in the order according to their contents.

Physical Location

MS 28

Physical Location

MS B176

Physical Location

MS C261

Physical Location

MS D171

Physical Location

MS E276

Physical Location

MS E277

Physical Location

MS K31

Physical Location

MS Q48

Other Finding Aids

There are several ways to access item-level information regarding what is in this collection: for a listing of the items in the collection as they are physically arranged in box and folder order and described in this finding aid. for a listing of the items in the collection in alphabetical order by the last names of the sender/authors. for a listing of the items in the collection in alphabetical order by the last names of the recipients of letters, etc. for a chronological listing of the items in the collection. for a listing of the items in the collection in Phillips number order. for a listing of the Phillipps bindings and notations on them in Phillips number order.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Purchase, Wredon, 1958

Purchase, Wredon, 1967

Purchase, Francis Edwards, 1976

Purchase, Sotheby, 1978

Purchase, David Holmes, 1993

Purchase, David Holmes, 1996

Purchase, Michael Marsland, 2005

Purchase, source unknown, 2005

Related Materials

These printed materials authored by Porter family members are also housed in Kenneth Spencer Research Library.
Author Title Date Call Number
Anna Maria Porter Barony 1830 B15253
Don Sebastian, or, The House of Braganza: an historical romance 1838 B12417
The Fast of St. Magdalen: a romance in three volumes 1819 B12200
Honor O'Hara: a novel, in two volumes 1827 B12406
The Hungarian Brothers 1832 B7378
The Hungarian Brothers 1839 O'Hegarty C1462
The Knight of St. John, a romance 1817 B7363
The Recluse of Norway, in four volumes 1814 B14828 and B15269
Roche-blanche; or, The Hunters of the Pyrenees: a romance in three volumes. 1822 B15699
The Village of Mariendorpt: a tale in four volumes 1821 B12418
Anna Maria and Jane Porter Tales Round a Winter Hearth, in two volumes 1826 B11927
Jane Porter Aphorisms of Sir Philip Sidney; with remarks by Miss Porter [in two volumes] 1807 B9141
Duke Christian of Lüneburg : or, Tradition from the Hartz [in three volumes] 1824 B7438
The Pastor's Fire-side: a novel in four volumes 1817 B8133
The Pastor's Fire-side: a novel in two Volumes 1832 B14991
The Scottish Chiefs: a romance [in five volumes] 1810 B7665
The Scottish Chiefs: illustrated 1884 B14261
The Scottish Chiefs: a romance; abridged 1907 O'Hegarty B5051
The Scottish Chiefs, illustrated by N. C. Wyeth 1930 Children C155
The Scottish Chiefs, illustrated by Alex A. Blum 1950 Children D163
The Scottish Chiefs, illustrated by Alex A. Blum 1960? Children D164
Thaddeus of Warsaw; 6th edition [in four volumes] 1812 B7370
Thaddeus of Warsaw 1831 B7607
Robert Ker Porter An Historical Sketch of the Battle of Alexandria, and of the Campaign in Egypt : Illustrative of the Great Picture, now Exhibiting in the Lyceum, Strand, Painted by Robert Ker Porter 1802 C19039
A Narrative of the Campaign in Russia During the Year 1812 1815 B7369
Travelling Sketches in Russia and Sweden ... 1805-8 [in two volumes] 1809 C3334
Travelling Sketches in Russia and Sweden : During the Years 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808 [in two volumes] 1809 D1213
Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, etc. etc. : During the Years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820, in two volumes 1821 -1822 D4582
William Ogilvie Porter Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck, and Consequent Discovery of Certain Islands in the Caribbean Sea: with Details of his Residence There, and of Various Extraordinary and Highly Interesting Events in his Life, from the Year 1733 to 1749, as Written in his own Diary 1831 B7371

Physical Description

11 linear feet (46 boxes), 7 volumes, 1 oversize box England, Russia, Venezuela

Sender/Author index

To discover the documents written or received by the people identified below, please consult the pdf database reports provided under the Collection Description. These reports list the documents in the collection and provide the box and folder information necessary to submit a reading room paging request.
Names of letter senders and authors
African Institution
Ainslie, Whitelaw
Albin, Augustus d'
Alderson, Eleanor
Alderson, Isabella
Aldridge, J. F.
Alexandre, [Czar?]
Andrews, John
Ansbach, Margravine of [Craven, Elizabeth]
Ansley, Benjamin (d.1846)
Anstey and Nettleton
Argumaniz, Maria Luisa
Arnold, [Samuel James]
Austen, Charles
Ayne, Joseph and John [May?]
B., A. [Barnard, Ann Lindsay]
B., W.
Backhouse, J.
Badeley family
Badeley, Charlotte
Badeley-Roche, Maria
Bagot, Charles
Bagot, Lady Mary
Balbirnie, John
Bayley, Daniel
Bayley, Edward
Bayly, Thomas Haynes
Bayman, Sarah
Belzoni, Sarah
Benedetti, Teresa
Bennett of Wasbrough, Hale and Company
Bennett, Edward
Bergne, J. B.
Bethune, William
Bidwell, John
Birbeck, Morris
Blayney, Lord Andrew
Blick, Charles
Bloomfield, Th. D.
Bloudoff [?]
Bobbin, Timothy [Collier, John]
Booth, Sarah
Bourgeois, Francis
Braham, John
Brandon, Hamilton A.
Brayley, Edward W.
Brenier [?], Mr.
Bricknell, S.
Brinley, [Ira N.?]
Bromely, Mr.
Brown, [Dr.?]
Brown, Mr.
Brown, John
Bruce, John
Buckingham, J[ames S.]
Buckland, W[illiam]
Bull, J.
Burdell, Captain
Burford, Robert and Frederick Catherwood
Bury, Charlotte
Butt, R. W. [?]
Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron
C., M. [Clitherow, Mary? -- possibly Mrs. Cockle]
Campbell, H. Duncan
Campbell, Jessie Aspasia
Campbell, Thomas
Cartwright, John
Cate [?]
Catherwood, Frederick
Cavan Brothers and Company
Cayley, Henry
Chalmers, Thomas
Chersscan [?], Mrs.
Chikhachev, P[etr Aleksandrovich]
Christie, George H.
Christie and Manson [Auction House]
Churchill, John
Churchill, M.
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Clark, Charles
Clarke, C. H., Lady
Clarke, Dr. [James Stanier?]
Clinton, Henry?
Clitherow, James
Clitherow, Mary
Cluse, Robert
Collier, Thomas
Compton, Elizabeth, Lady
Copeland, W. J[?]
Cormick, John
Cosby, Henry, Sir
Courtenay, Charles
Courtier, P. L.
Cowan, Thomas Conolly
Cowper, William
Cox, Thomas
Coxe, William
Curzon, C[aroline?]
Dalgorouche, Prince Guide?
Dallaway, J. and E. Cartwright
Dalrymple, Colonel
D'Arcy, J.
Davenport, Selina (Wheler)
Davis, N.
Dawson, [John]
De Jesu
de la Pole, William
de Riviere?
Denham, Dixon
Denham, John Charles
Dent, Eliza
Devonshire, Duke of
Dickinson, Jane
Dillon, E[lizabeth Sarah]
Dixon, Ja[me?]s
Dixon, John
Dodd, Mary
d'Olenin, Alexis
Donnell, James W.
Douglas and Clydesdale, Lord
Downes, Henry
Doyle, Charles William, Sir
Doyle, J[ames] W[arren] [?]
Drummond, H. A. M. C. A. R. G. H.
Duncan, James, printed for
Edwards, Edward
Efimovsky, [Comtesse?] A.
Ellis, D.
Ellis, Henry, Sir
Emerson, Mr.
Essell, George
Etherington, Olivia
Eustace, John Chetwode
Fenelon, [Francois?]
Fisher, Robert
Fitz Roy [?], Lady
Fletcher, [Maria Jane Jewsbury]
Flugan [?], William
Forrique, A.
Foville, [?] Theodore de
Fox-Strangways, William
Frederick, Archbishop of Canterbury
Freeling, Francis, Sir
Fricks, J. S. S.
G[ilbert?], W.
Galitzny, Prince Alexandre
Garwood, Colonel [?]
Gay, William
George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760
George III, King of Great Britain, 1738-1820
Gibson [?], H. P.
Giles and Sno[w?]
Gill, S. A.
Gladstone, W. E. [?]
Gordon, Thomas
Gracewood, A.
Graham, George I., [assignee of Picard estate]
Granville, S.
Graves, John T. [?]
Great Western Railway
Green, John
Greensill, T.
Greville, Fulke
Groves, G.
Halford, E. B. [Lady]
Halford, Henry
Hall, John
Hamilton, George, [Sir]
Hamlyn, Mr.
Hamlyn-Williams, Diana, Lady
Hammersley, Hugh
Harbin, W.
Harper, J. A.
Harral [?], Thomas
Harris, T
Hart, Isaac
Harting, Jas.
Haven, Mrs.
Hawkins, Francis
Haydn, Joseph
Hazard [?], Sarah
Hemans, Felicia
Hender[son], James
Henry VII, King of England, 1457-1509
Heydon, H. H.
Hitchins, Fortescue and Samuel Drew
Hochdale, Percival
Hodgson, H. T.
Hoffay, Mr.
Hood, E.
Horlock, Phebe
Hutton, John
Ibotson and Palmer
J., J.
Jay, William
Jeperson, Dr.
Johnson, Dr., of the Albony [?]
Johnson, J.
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, W.
Jones, Toff B.
Jones, W. B. and Jones and Anderton
Jouannin, Joseph Marie [?]
Kaylen, Miss
Kelderbeck [?], Mr.
Kelsall, Charles
Khan, Lyeed
Kingston, Miss
Knott, Miss
Kosciuszko, General
Krasinski, H[enry], died 1876
Krasinski, Walerjan Skorobohaty (Count Valerian Krasinski), died 1855
L., W.
Lad, H. I.
Lambert, Aylmer Bourke
Lambert and Rawlings
Landseer, J[ohn]
Lanskoi, S.
Leaf, E. [Edwin?]
Leaf, Roberta [?]
Leake, W[illia]m
Lempriere, William
Lewis, John D.
Lieven, [Dorothea K.]
Lindley, John
Livesley, Mr.
Lloyd, H.
Lockwood, Nina
Lockwood, Nina and Lady Julia
Longman Hurst and Co.
Louis-Phillipe [King of the France]
Luther, Martin
Macdonald, Lady
Macdonald, Iona [?], Lady
Macdonald, John
Macke ("Mashinka" possibly Mary Scherbatoff Porter Kikine, daughter of Robert Ker Porter )
Mackinnon, Louisa H.
MacKinnon, W[illiam?] A[lexander?]
Maclaurin, E.
Madden, Dr.?
Mahilin, Anne
Mallet, John L. [?]
Mamonov, Count [Alexander Matveyevich Dmitriev-Mamonov]
March, Isabella
Marie-Amelie, Consort of Louis-Phillipe
Marsdonfont, Thomas [?]
Marshall, Mrs.
Martin, M. Saint
Masseria, [Philippe?]
May?, John
Mayer, Miss
Mayhew, E.
McCallay, Mathew
McIntosh, H.
Meedard [?], Arth[ur]
Meeks, J. and J. W.
Meijer, H. L.
Mersen, Thomas
Middleton, Anna
Miller, George
Milton, John
Miss Pelham's Woman
Mocatta, [Julia Leon (Mrs. Elias) Mocatta?]
Mocatta, Sarah
Mocatta and Company
Moffat, William
Montesquieu, [Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de la Brede et du?] and Tweddell, [John?]
Moore, Graham
Moore, John, Sir
Mora, L. L. de
Moreau [?], Madame
Morier, James [Justinian] [?]
Morse, Sam[uel F. ?] B.
Murchison, [Sir] Roderick [Impey]
Myers, S. A. [?]
Natural History Society
Nayler, George, Sir
Naylor, Thomas
Neill,? S., Bentley Publishers?
Nepveu, A.
Nesselrode, Karl Robert, Count
Nicolas, Nicholas Harris
Nordman [?]
Northcroft, John T. [?]
Nueliver [?], Robert
Nunez [de Caceres]
O'Brien, Maurice
O'Callaghan, Helen
O'Connell, Maurice
Ompteda, Baron
Orford [Horatio Walpole, 3rd Earl of Orford]
Ousely, Gore [Sir Gore Ouseley, 1st Baronet]
Owen, Robert
Paez, Jose Antonio
Palmerston, Lord [Temple, Henry John, third Viscount Palmerston]
Palmstyrna, N. J., Baron [?]
Paravey, Ch. De
Pardo, M., Dalleto and Boulton
Pardoe, Elizabeth
Pardoe, Julia M.
Paterson, James
Patterson, Robert
Paxton, A. W. [?]
Peacock, Thomas
Percy, Algernon, 4th duke of Northumberland, aka "Lord Prudhoe"
Peterson, John
Phillips, T[homas]
Picard, J[ohn] K[irby]
Pitt, L.
Planta, Joseph
Plumptre, James
Pole, William de la
Pollen, Charlotte E[lizabeth Craven], Lady
Porter, Robert Ker / Paez, Jose Antonio
Powell, Phillip
Powles, Brothers and Company
Powles, Mr.
Powles, J[ohn]. D.
P[owles] , L[ouisa]
Powles, T. V. [?]
Pratt, S[amuel?] J[ackson?]
Prybus [?], M.
Quarenghi, Giacomo [?]
Quarter Mast[ers?] Gen[era?]l Office
R., David
R. W. Fox and Company
Radstock, Lord [signed Lambl---, Wm.]
R[aikes?], C[harlotte?] F[inch?]
Raikes, Henry
Rålamb, Baron
Raleigh, Walter
Ranking, T. [?]
Raymond, J. S. [?]
Rees, Owen (for Longmans)
Religious Tract Society
Remagle, R[amsay] R[ichard]
Rich, Claudius James
Richardson and Forbes
Rimond, M.
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, T.
Rocca, M. de
Roche, Marianne
Roche, [Victor Badeley?]
Rola, Michel
Rolleston, Henry
Room Grazebrook and Company
Rose, George Henry, Sir
Rosser and Son
Rumford [perhaps Thompson, Sir Benjamin, Count Rumford in the nobility of the Holy Roman Empire]
Russe, Madame [Princess Schacherskoy]
Russian Embassy?
Ryan, Selia
S., E. S.
Samada and Baumes
Sankey, T. [?], Mrs.
Scherbatoff, Allexandre
Scherbatoff, Catherine
Scherbatoff, P. (Maria Scherbatoff Porter's brother)
Scherbatoff, Theodore A. [nephew of Porter, Robert Ker]
Scherbatoffs and Kikine, Pierre
Scott, Thomas, Reverend
Scribus, Marlus [?]
Shearsby, Mr.
Shearsby, R.
Shefevey [?]
Sherer, Joseph
Sherer, Moyle
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
Sidney, Henry
S[kinner], Mary
Sligo, Marquis of?
Smirnove, James
Smith, H.
Smith, Seth
Smith, Sidney, Sir
Smith, Spencer
Smith, T
Smith, W. Sidney
Smithson, John for W. H. Kempster
Society of English Ladies for the Relief of the Polish Refugees
Sollmer, G.
Soney, P.
Spicer, E. Y.?
Spicer, John William and Hannah Maria Theresa Spicer
Sporting Magazine
Stanley, James, Earl of Derby
Starkeys, Liam?
Stephenson, John James
Stevens, George Alexander
Stewart, Mr.
Still, Jurper [?]
Stockdale, Percival
Storey, James and John T. Northcroft [?]
Streatfield, D[orothy?]
Streatfield, Robert
Sullivan, Lady
Sullivan, Charles, Sir
Sullivan, Charlotte
Swedish Minister, [His Excellency] the
Swift, Jonathan
Tatham, R[obert-Bristow?]
Taylor, Rev. Mr.
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Herbert
Taylor, John
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Sophia Isabella
Tchitchagoff, P[aul?]
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Thomas, W. A.?
Thompson, James
Thomson, Mrs. [?]
Thomson, J.
Thomson, William
Thrackam, Samuel [?]
Throckmorton, Charles, Sir
Tickell, E(liza). M.
Timothy Observation
Tindall, Capt.
Tonna, Lewis H. J.
Tott, Sophie de
Turner, [Sir (Tomkyns)] H[ilgrove]
Tweddell, [John?]
Utterson, Edw[ard] V[ernon]
Uxbridge, Lord [Paget (formerly Bayly), Henry William, first marquess of Anglesey?]
Vaughan, Charles Richard, Sir
Veritas [Porter, Jane]
Vigors, Nicholas Aylward
Vins, M.
Wainwright, Jona[than?] M.
Walker, John
Warton, Jos. Pitt
Weiss, John
Wellesley, Lord [Wellesley [formerly Wesley], Richard, Marquess Wellesley ?]
Wentworth, Thomas
Wharton, T. J.
Wheatley, Henry
Wheeler, Rosina
Whitmore, Cordelia
Wilkins, G. J. [?]
Wilkinson, James
William [William IV, King of Great Britain, 1765-1837?]
Williams, W.
Willis, Nathaniel Parker
Willis, Thomas H. [?]
Willoughby, [Sir] N[esbit] J[osiah]
Wilson, A
Wilson, B. [?]
Wilson, Robert, Sir
Winsor, F[rederick] A[lbert formerly Friedrich Albrecht Winzer]
Winter, W. A.
Wolfe, James [Endorsed by General Amherst]
Wood, Miss
Wood, William
Woodward, J. H.
Woolfrey, W. O.
Wordell, John
Wray, John
Wright and Co.
Wyld, James
Y., B.
Yastrebtzov, [Ivan Ivanovich?]
Young, Emily

Recipient Index

Names of persons receiving letters and other items:
Ainslie, Robert
Alderson, father of Eleanor
Amherst, Jeffrey / [?]
Ansbach, Margravine of [Craven, Elizabeth]
Ansley, Benjamin (d.1846)
Balbirnie, John
Bebburgton, W. [?]
Bergen, Monsr.
Bergne, J. B.
Beynon, Mrs.
Blackmore, Mrs.
Blenkinsop, William Blythman
Booth, Mrs. Colonel
Booth, William
Boscawen, Mrs.
Bray, [Francis Gabriel?]
Brouche, Edmund Burke
Campbell, Lt. Colonel
Cathcart, Lord
Churchill, J[ohn S. M.]
Cohen, Francis
Coleridge, William Hart
Colonna, Prospero Sciarra
Cusrons [?], Miss
Dalrymple, Miss
Dawson, George
Dear sir [A North American]
Denham, John Charles
Dillon, Lady
Dillon, Mrs.
D'Olenin, Alexis
Downe, Mr.
Draper, Herbert Abingdon, Sir?
Drummond, H. A. M. C. A. R. G. H.
Editor of THE GLOBE
Ellis, D.
Eyston, Charles
Fitzhackery, Isaac
Fox, Joseph
Fox-Strangways, William
Freere [possibly Frere, either John Hookham or Bartholomew]
Garwood, Colonel
Geralds, Lady Mary Lily
Gill, Ensign
Gill, Mrs.
Goode, A. C. [?]
Gracewood, A
Gustavus IV, King of Sweden
Halliday, Andrew, Sir
Handcock, William
Harlowe, George Henry
His Excellency the Swedish Minister
Kelsall, Charles [?]
Khan, Seddick
Kikine, Pierre
Leeslie, M.
Levesley, Senor
Lingham, Mr. [?]
Longman [etc., Publishing Company]
Longman, Thomas
Lundgren, John
MacKinnon, Louisa H.
MacKinnon, W[illiam?] A[lexander?]
Maclaurin, Mrs.
Masters, Mr. [?]
Merry, Mrs.
Meyers, Mr.
Mirza, Abbas
Mocatta, E[lias]
Mocatta, [Julia Leon (Mrs. Elias) Mocatta?]
Mooen, Reverend Mr. [?]
Moran, Edward Raleigh
Morten, Mr. [?]
Munich Gallery
Myers, Miss
Nesselrode, Karl Robert, Count
Nicholas I [To his Imperial Majesty, The Emperor of all The Russias]
Ogilvie, James
Orsini?, Mon Cousin
Oswald, Lellias, Lady
Pardoe?, Julia
Paxton, A. W. [?]
Peterson, John
Picard, J[ohn] K[irby]
Pitt, Mrs.
Porter, John
Porter, Robert Ker and Lady Clarke
P[owles], L[ouisa]
Prince George of Anhalt
Schall, le Comte de
Scherbatoff, Prince
Studley, Priori and Convent of
Ramsey, John
Rees, Owen (for Longmans)
Rice, Henry
Rivarola, [Agostino?], Cardinal
Roberts, Jos[eph]
Robertson [?], Lord
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, [Maria Elizabeth]
Rojas, Jon Maria
Shee, [Mary Power]
Showkinson, Mrs.
Sir George [?]
Sir John
Skinner, Mrs.
Smith, Miss Philly
Spicer, Mrs.
Spicer, John William and Hannah Maria Theresa Spicer
Sumner, George
Swedish Ambassador
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, John
Tesh [Cardinal Tesche?]
Therese [?]
Thompson, Dr.
Throckmorton, Charles, Sir
Trebeck, Mrs.
Turner, Mr. Alfred [?]
Villiers [Clarendon?]
Volkonsky, Prince [?]
Ward, Thomas [?]
Willis, Mary
Willis, Nathaniel Parker
Wood, Williams
Wray, John
Guide to the Porter Family Collection
Letters, literary manuscripts, and personal papers of the Porter family
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