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Volume 1

Call Number: MS D201

Contains 42 Results:

Rev[olutionary] Notes #4

 Item — Volume: 1, Page: 2r
Scope and Contents >"Left to themselves people Grow their hair... cities of the universe." Revolutionary Notes (aka Rev Notes and Revolutionary Letters) are in free verse.

A Spell for Felicia, that She Come Away [verse].

 Item — Volume: 1, Page: 2v
Scope and Contents "out of her dusty windowless basement... tasting of strychnine."


 Item — Volume: 1, Page: 30v
Scope and Contents [laid in here were 2 receipts by [Dr?] J. Elder to Mrs Diane DiPrima, January 15, 1969: A 1546 for "OV for Sept 3, 1968", B1546 for "consultation for Tara" Removed to MS P619:1-2.]

"History, Esp American".

 Item — Volume: 1, Page: 31v
Scope and Contents [notes] "Jackie K & Onassis...Alaska Mental Health Bill"

Canticle of St Joan. I-IV.

 Item — Volume: 1, Page: 32r-33v

"Rev Letters #35"

 Item — Volume: 1, Page: 34r
Scope and Contents [No text; only the following added note:] "2274 Bush St."