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Bessie Wilson photographs

Call Number: RH PH P2832

A collection of photographs from the family of Bessie Wilson. Includes two photographs of the 9th Cavalry band, a photograph of a father and his two daughters with the label "Wilson Family," a photograph of five African American men, a negative of a first grade class at Van Buren School in Topeka, Kansas, and a large group photograph in front of the Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church.

Dates: approximately 1920s-1960s

Charles Oren letters

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P224

Handwritten transcripts of the original Charles Oren letters to his wife, Sattie. which date from September 6, 1863 to March 29, 1864.

Dates: 1863 - 1864

General orders regarding Nez Perce prisoners at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P106

Orders issued by Captain J. J. Coppinger detailing the personnel and duties of a guard for Nez Perce prisoners-of-war encamped near the fort. The order is signed by P. T. Brodrick, 1st Lt. and Adjutant 23rd Infantry, Post Adjutant and by 1st Lt. W. P. Manning, 23rd Infantry.

Dates: November 28, 1877

Guttlieb Neider correspondence to Mrs. T.H. Hack

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P309

Neider's letters are all written to his sister, Mrs. T. H. Hack, who lived in Lawrence, Kansas. The letters date from his first day of active service until his discharge and return home. Neider related army life in the United States and France.

Dates: June, 1918-June 15, 1919

History and war record of John O. Stotts, Sergeant Co. G, 3rd Regt, U.S. Infantry

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P155
Overview Stotts relates his experiences joining the army at St. Louis in 1866 and traveling over the Great Plains to Fort Lyon, Colorado. He describes killing buffalo and witnessing a Native American killing a bison; an encounter with members of a Native American village near [Zara?], Colorado; Fort Dodge and Buffalo Bill; Bent's Fort and the Bent family; flooding of Fort Lyon and the construction of New Fort Lyon; and the wars with Native American tribes, including comments on Satanta (Set-Tainte,...
Dates: 1866 - 1868

James P. Meigs, Jr. papers

Call Number: RH MS P837

The James P. Meigs, Jr. papers are those of a long time Junction City, Kansas resident who served in the U.S. Army for 30 years. They date from 1940 to 1967 and consist of certificates and discharge papers, all of which are photocopies. The collection also includes photographs, which are located at RH MS-P P837 and RH MS-P P837(f).

Dates: 1940 - 1967

"John H. Medley, buffalo soldier"

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P822

This biographical account of John H. Medley, a buffalo soldier stationed at forts in Kansas and Indian Territories during the 1860s, was prepared by Amanda Ebert, a Paxico, Kansas elementary school student.

Dates: 1995

John Parks enlistment papers

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P980

Enlistment papers for John Parks to join the 2nd Kansas Colored Volunteers, who promised to serve three years in the Army of the United States. Single leaf document, double-sided, co-signed by John Hayes, Jr., second lieutenant and recruiting officer for the 2nd Regiment of Kansas Colored Volunteers. Signed at Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

Dates: October 1, 1863

John W. Dulles III papers

Call Number: RH MS 256

This collection contains 76 photographs taken during World War I of the 28th and 91st Divisions of the U.S. Army, which were collected by Dulles, together with two diaries written by Dulles from June 18, 1916 to April 3, 1917 as an enlistee stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. The collection also has a Dulles family genealogy from ca. 1780-1895.

Dates: approximately 1780-1930

Leander Stillwell correspondence

Call Number: RH MS 41

Most of the correspondence included in this collection is from Stillwell to his father, Jeremiah O. Stillwell. These letters, dating from January, 1863 to the end of December, 1863, relate Stillwell's military experience to his father. Later correspondence, dating from 1898 to 1920, is from various political figures to Stillwell asking for favors, endorsements, or his opinions.

Dates: 1863 - 1920

Letter to General Heath from Colonel Simeon Smith

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P29

Col. Smith thanks Gen. Heath for the suggestion that a new assignment in Santa Fe might be profitable. He then relates his frustrated attempts to secure a transfer to duty in St. Paul. Letter dated Leavenworth, Kansas. On back side note in another handwriting: "Col. Sim Smith, March 20, 69 Ans. my letter rel. to his coming to N[ew] M[exico]."

Dates: March 20, 1869

Letters to Catherine H. Smith, and official military announcement of his death

Call Number: RH MS P154

Five letters from George W. Smith to his mother. The sixth item are regimental orders announcing Smith's death.

Dates: 1880 - 1881

Letters to Wendell Phillips Garrison (The Nation)

Call Number: RH MS P829
Overview These two letters to Wendell Phillips Garrison, editor of The Nation, were written by U.S. Army surgeon Stevens G. Cowdrey while posted at Fort Harker, Kansas and Fort Gibson in Indian Territory (later the state of Oklahoma). In his 1870 letter from Fort Harker, Cowdrey describes his anticipation of hunting wild game as well as Native Americans in the company of Major Joseph Tilford's 7th Cavalry. He also describes the commonplace violence among Ellsworth,...
Dates: February 16, 1870 and October 8, 1871

Rexford Scott Sorenson negatives collection

Call Number: RH PH 537

Rexford Scott Sorenson took photographs throughout his life, and this collection of his photographic negatives begins in 1957. The Sorensons spent many holidays with friends and family, whom serve as the subjects of many of Rexford's photographs. Other frequent subjects include cats, landscapes, trees, construction, and buildings. The majority of the photographs were taken either in Kansas, New Mexico, or Oregon.

Dates: 1957 - 2009

Richard Blake letters

Call Number: RH MS P32

Richard Blake was a sutler, or civilian provisioner, at Fort Wallace, Kansas, during the 1860s. He wrote several letters to relatives about life on the army post. Included with the letters were seven photographs made by a visitor to Fort Wallace, Dr. William A. Bell, who was the photographer for the Kansas Pacific Railway Expedition.

Dates: 1867 - 1868

Special Order No. 211. (Extract). By order of the Secretary of War. Washington, D. C.

 Collection — Folder 1
Call Number: RH MS P30

Orders call for First Lieutenant Jacob W. Keller, unassigned, to report to Colonel Thomas H. Roger, 18th. U.S. Infantry, President of the Retiring Board at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Dates: August 19, 1870

Thomas K. Mitchell diary

 Collection — Volume 1
Call Number: RH MS C12

The diary entries are varied and detailed. Mitchell records an eclipse of the moon, observes the course of the war and the politics involved in it. He also observes military life, the prevalence and fatal consequences of diseases such as measles and mumps, the physical and demographic features of the country through which he traveled. There are lists of all the members of his company, their nativity and home towns.

Dates: 1861 - 1864

U.S. Army Quartermaster list of clothing and equipage

Call Number: RH MS P831

This U.S. Quartermaster's list is an accounting of items of clothing and equipment as received on April 15, 1870 from the Army's 6th Infantry, stationed at Fort Arbuckle in Indian Territory (later the state of Oklahoma).

Dates: April 15, 1870

U.S.O. Dinner and Dance photographs

Call Number: RH PH 505(f)

The Kansas U.S.O. Event Photographs depict a dinner and a dance in approximately the 1940s in two black and white silver gelatin photographic prints.

Dates: approximately 1940s

William Harrington, III papers

Call Number: RH MS P846

The William Harrington III papers are those of a long time Kansas resident and former Buffalo Soldier who served in the U.S. Army for 30 years.

Dates: 1986 and 1994

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